Friday Savings

Well, today I spent $67 at Walmart, and that includes an extra meal because my parents are coming over to dinner tomorrow night. The best deals I found today at Ralph's were $1 Reach floss which I received for free because I had a $1 coupon; .79/lb. green grapes which were such a good deal they were all out, so I had to get a rain check, which the clerk said was better anyway because that batch of grapes weren't very good; buy one get one free Hillshire Farms sausage; and .50 per pound onions. My shopping trip was only $5.00!

The best deals I found today at Von's was $1.50 for Prego pasta sauce; $1.88 for 12 pack store brand soda; and .49/lb. oranges. That cost a little more, because I bought 4 sodas, but I still saved 43% on my $15 purchase!

Later in the week, I will go to CVS and Albertson's for their sales. My 3 year old can only take so much shopping in one day! :)