Easter Bunny Lollipop Holder

I just posted 2 out of 6 of these lollipop holders(each one has a slightly different color design on the bowtie) on my Etsy shop. I will try to post a new one everyday. Please stop by my shop and take a look and see if you're interested in them, or anything else I have for sale for Easter, or any other occasion.

These lollipop holders are fun and quick to make. Only one time did I run into a frustrating problem, but amazingly, my husband helped me out! When I was done stitching the front and back together, and I was trying to thread the yarn through to tie it off, I pulled too hard and ripped the back plastic canvas piece! I was so upset after having stitched the whole thing and the back ripped! Well, luckily it was only the unstitched back and not the front, so my kind husband said he would unstitch the 2 pieces while I cut a new piece! His kindness made the whole situation instantly better. Don't you love it when your husband is unexpectedly kind to you?