Friday Savings

Well, today at Walmart, I only spent $43 and I only had to pay $33 because we had a rebate card for $10! I tried to plan my meals for the week around the meat I already had bought on sale previous weeks and the vegetables around what's on sale this week. It actually worked out pretty good.

At Vons I only spent $2.35. Minute Maid orange juice is on sale for $2 and because of St. Patrick's Day, cabbage is on sale for only $.19/lb. I saved 57%!

At Ralph's I spent $13.25. A box of 4 Nestle Drumsticks are on sale for $2.50, Fritos and Cheetos were on sale and had a store coupon making them $.99, celery is $.99, cauliflower is $.99/lb. and Gogurt and Trix yogurt are on sale for $2.00 and I had a $.80 coupon. I saved 50%! Also, a nice new feature at Ralph's is on the receipt they now print any food you've previously bought that's been recalled. I recently told you about the Pringles recall, and that was on the bottom of my receipt - that was great!