Monday Savings and Cute 3 year old Logic

Today at Smart & Final I spent $7.23 which I was disappointed with(I will explain in a minute). I bought Trix yogurt for $1.99 + .80 coupon, 2 one pound bag of carrots for $.33 each, and 16 oz. white mushrooms for $1.99. Now, if you're checking my addition, it doesn't add up to $7.23 yet because(now here's my disappointment) I also bought Gogurt for $3.39. Now, that wasn't on sale, and I didn't realize it until I checked my reciept in the parking lot. I headed back in to the store with my 3 year old son to buy the correct on sale product, but the line was huge with only one checker, so I just left(gasp - such a bad example for a frugal shopper). The whole way to Albertson's I was saying how bad I felt about not buying the right product, so my son finally said, "Katarina(my daughter - who the Gogurt is for), likes iCarly and that's on the Gogurt. She also knows how to eat Gogurt the right way and not make a mess with it, like me. So, it's o.k., Mommy you bought the right one!" Now, how can you argue with that logic! :)

Today at Albertsons, I spent $28.42 and saved $21.91! I bought oranges for $.49/pound, Dryers cones for $1.99, Post Cereal for $1.69 + $1 coupon, 16 oz. shredded cheese for $2.99, celery for $.99, Michelinas Lean Gourmet for $.95, can corn for $.69, Teddy Grahams for $1.99 +$1 coupon, and M&Ms for $2.50 + $1 coupon. That was pretty good, except when I picked up the CVS flier for this week, I saw that tomorrow they have M&Ms on sale for $1.99. Oh well, you try your best, and can't always win every week with every deal.