My Son's Endoscopy

My son has an endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:30am at Children's Hospital. We have to check in at 7:00am. The typical drive there is about 40 minutes, and of course it's supposed to rain hard tonight and tomorrow, so we're leaving at 6:00am. My husband commutes that way everyday and says that will be plenty of time. I hope he's right because if we're late, they might re-schedule us and we definitely don't want that. So, yesterday I called the doctor's office and asked for the day surgery phone number in case we're running late, I can call them and beg them to keep his appointment. What an early start to our April Fool's morning! My son says he hopes the doctor doesn't say, "Oh, you have stomach cancer - April Fools!" I told them he wouldn't do that because that would result in a huge lawsuit. So then he said, maybe the doctors and nurses will just joke like that during the procedure. Well, thank goodness my son will be asleep during the whole thing!

So anyway, we sure hope this will be the last test he needs and it will give us some answers/solutions to his sickness. Please keep him in your prayers - and me too because I get so nervous and I need to remain strong for him. Thanks!