My Son's Sickness

O.k., so I told you before in my Wed. Mar. 17 blog post that I would tell you about my son's sickness, so here I go. My 13 year old son has had a mysterious sickness for almost 3 years now. The first year, at the end of 5th grade and beginning of 6th, he got sick quite a bit. Last year, in 7th grade, he still got sick, but not as much. This year, in 8th grade, he's been sick a lot, almost once a month, and has missed 16 days of school(which got us a nasty note from the school threatening legal action).

So, at the beginning of the school year the doctors finally decided to send him to Children's Hospital while having one of his episodes, so he could have the right tests done. When my son has an episode, he gets extremely nauseous and lethargic. He can't eat and barely drinks anything for 3 - 5 days. He stays in one position on the couch from morning until night, and can't do anything. The doctors did all kinds of tests, and really didn't find anything. They are labeling it as "abdominal migraines," for now until we are done with all the other tests they couldn't do in the hospital. He had a CT scan two weeks ago which was normal, and next Thursday, he's having an endoscopy.

There is nothing really connecting any of the episodes: food, stress, nothing. The only one sometimes("sometimes," because he does get sick other times too) common event is after visiting my in-laws(no, this is not a joke) in Northern CA, which is a 9 hour drive, he's always sick when he gets home. The doctor said that's because if it is abdominal migraines, that tends to give kids extreme car sickness.

So, until they finish the tests, the treatment for now is a nausea medicine used for treating cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and to try to get him to drink something. Not drinking makes the nausea worse because of the chemical effect of dehydration on the body, but the nausea he's already experiencing, makes drinking something almost impossible. Sometimes the nausea medicine helps some, enough for him to take a few sips of something, but it's still a long process until it goes away completely.

Have any of you every heard of anthing like this? We can use any advice, experiences, knowledge, that any of you have. I'm so tired of seing my poor son so sick, and he is tired of being sick.