Endoscopy Results

We went to Children's Hospital for my son's endoscopy results. Good news is everything is normal, bad news is they still don't know what's wrong with him. So, now we're being referred to a nerologist(appointment end of May), metabolic specialist(appointment end of June), and an allergist(waiting for insurance approval). This is such a frustrating process!

One good thing is we've always wanted him to see an allergist because he has severe grass allergies and the medicine he's been given by the pediatrician isn't working; and the pediatrician would never refer him to an allergist before - he just keeps switching the medicine my son's on. Now, he has to refer him to an allergist.

Also, the next time he has an "episode," the GI doctor wants us to take him to the ER at Children's rather than call his dr. He asked if my son gets dehydrated from these "episodes," and I said yes. He wondered why he's only been to the hospital once and I told him the pediatrician always wants us to try and treat him at home. So, the GI dr. said don't call your dr. next time, just bring him here. So, that's good too( I guess that's two good things now) because they can do more for him there. Although, of course, we always hope there is no next time.