Friday Savings

I was surprised by my grocery shopping bill today. I thought it would be a lot more since I'm having 6 family members, plus the 5 of us for Easter dinner, but it was about the same as every other week. Of course, I bought the ham and rolls at Costco earlier in the week, so that's not reflected here, but that wasn't bad, only $20. I'm using vegetables that I bought last week on sale, and the dessert will be brownie mix(that I previously bought on sale) cut out with Easter shapes. So, with a lot of the dinner previously bought on sale, my Walmart bill today was only $57.

Vons today had Ritz for $1.99, Del Monte canned vegetables for $.49, Bumblebee tuna $.50, Safeway Select ice cream $2.39, and a couple of bags of Easter candy for $1.66. I spent $12 and saved 47%. I am adding one can of vegetables and tuna to my charity box.

Ralphs had their Bakery cookies for $1.80 for 18, and shredded cheese for $1.50. I wanted mozzarella and they were out - I couldn't ask for a rain check because I'm using it in a recipe this week - so I just bought a 4 cheese blend instead and will substitute it in the recipe. I spent $8.40 and saved $9.55!