Friday Savings

So, not every week can be as low as last week at Walmart, unfortunately. This week we needed several more things. I spent $61.22, which still isn't bad compared to what I used to spend(at least $120) before I started all this Coupon Mom process.

At Vons today, I spent $19.67 and saved $11.84, which is 38%. I know I've done better, but Walmart stopped selling ice cream cups, so I had to buy them at Vons, and they didn't show up as being on sale. They were marked as 2(6 packs) for $6, so I thought it was a sale, buy maybe that's just they're regular price. Anyway, the sale items I bought were Gerber Graduates meals $1, thin pork loin chops $2.99/lb.(that was a big save - $5.65), oranges $.49/lb., zucchini $.99/lb., and mushrooms in an 8 oz. package $.99.

I don't know how much I'll spend/save at Ralphs today, yet, because they're having a huge sale from 1-9. So, my daughter and I will have to stop by on the way home from dance tonight. I hope they still have the items available, because some of them are only "while supplies last," so they're not eligible for a rain check. Their big specials today are $.99 for Kelloggs cereal + I have $1 off 2, and $.99 for Dole juice. Their regular sale items for this week that I'll buy are $1.80 for their 18 count bakery cookies, $1.99 for ground turkey, and $1.99 for Cheezits, Wheat Thins, and Triscuits - which is just in time because both of my kids just ran out today!