Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $69.40. We needed some cleaning supplies and my 3 year old son needed some new underwear, so that made the price of the shopping trip a little higher than usual. Underwear is expensive - $5.50 for 3!

Today at Vons I spent $6.97 and saved $9.98, which is 59%! Safeway crescent rolls were on sale for $.99, Hillshire Farms lunchmeat for $2.50 + $1 off coupon, and 1 pound of strawerries for $.99.

Today at Ralphs I spent $20.14 and saved $11.73. It looks like I didn't save as much this time, only because my 13 year old son's friend told him Ralphs sold a particular book, and I bought it for him. I don't buy books very often, we get them from the library, but my son really doesn't like to read, so if he finds a book that interests him, I will get it. Especially since the STAR state testing is starting next week, he needs something to read when he finishes the test, so I decided the book was worth it. Anyway, back to my grocery savings, Ralphs fruit snacks were on sale for $1.00, Red seedless grapes for $.88/pound, 18 cookies for $1.80, and my rain check for $.99 Dole juice.