Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $67.24. It's the end of the month, so I bought a few extra things because some of my coupons expired today. Some great buys were buy Gillette deodorant and get a men's body wash free(charity), free package of Sunchips, and buy one get one free Oral B toothbrush. I like those kinds of coupons(well, I like them all, but those especially)! An employee at Walmart was especially nice to me today. My 3 year old was a little grumpy, so she played peek-a-boo with him to keep him busy while I checked out, and then when we were loading up the car, I hear her yelling to me that I forgot a bag. I couldn't believe she ran, literally, out to the parking lot - and I park far away- to bring me my bag. That was so kind and thoughtful of her. It made my day, and I thanked God for bringing someone nice to me when I needed it.

At Vons today I spent $16.72 and saved $16.25, 49% - I almost made it to 50%! Mothers and Keeblers cookies were on sale for $2.00 + $.55 coupon, soft taco tortillas for $.99, Sargento shredded cheese for $1.69, and round steak for $2.99/pound.

At Ralphs today I spent $8.11 and saved, ready for this, $18.86!!!! I was even shocked by the savings amount. Gatorade was on sale for $.79, and then the big sale was watermelon for $.19 per pound. The watermelon, alone, saved $11.66! I think the cashier thought I was crazy because I kept saying how amazing the savings was. If you've ever seen that Staples commercial where the guy looks at every item and yells, "Wow, that's a low price!" that was me today. :)