Frustrating Technology

Technology is so frustrating sometimes! My old digital camera didn't work very well. Everytime I wanted to take a picture of my kids' special events at school or dance, the camera would tell me to "replace the batteries," even though I just replaced them 2 seconds earlier. My husband earned a bonus of several gift cards for finishing a computer software project on time, so he decided to use one of the gift cards to buy a new digital camera.

Today I decided to try out the new camera. It has a square rechargeable battery, unlike my old one which used AA. So, I turn on the camera, and amazingly it doesn't tell me to "replace the batteries." I took a couple of pictures of some items I made to sell and of a crochet basket cover my daughter made. I wanted to try the camera at home first, before my daughter's dance competition this weekend, to make sure it worked. Well, amazingly, it took the pictures just fine. So, I took out the card, plugged it into the card reader, plugged it into the computer, and of course, it didn't work! The computer didn't even recognize it was there.

So, now I have to wait until my husband gets home and hopefully he can get it to work. He usually can, and wonders why I had a problem with it. :)