Monday Savings

Today I mostly went to Smart & Final in search of great deals on Easter candy. After Valentine's Day, they had tons of candy at really great discounted prices. Unfortunately, the same was not true this time. The only discounted candy they had was one package of chocolate Easter bunnies for $.85. My kids weren't interested. So, I just bought a dozen eggs for $.99 and 10 pounds of rice for $3.79, which is an excellent price!

At Albertsons I spent $10.67 and saved $10.49, just about 50%! they had sliced olived for $1.00, and Easter candy for 50% off. I bought whopper eggs for $1.09; twix, snickers, and milky way for $2.14 each. My best deal was 4 cans of Swanson broth with a store coupon of $.49 each, a manufacturer's coupon for $.40 off 4 cans, and a store coupon to double my manufacturer's coupon! I love it when you can "stack" coupons on an item by using a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon.