Monday Savings

At CVS on Saturday, I spent $16.70 and saved $10.07. CVS brand Pringles were on sale for $1, Sensodyne Pronamel for $4.49, V05 Shampoo and conditioner $.66(for charity), and Dove Conditioner for $4.49 + $1.50 coupon + $4.49 extra bucks to be used next time. So, I actually "got paid" $1.50 for the Dove conditioner. I also used $2 extra bucks from last week's shopping trip.

At Albertsons today, I spent $13.98 and saved $20.85. Francisco Rinaldi pasta sauce was on sale for $1(1 for us, 1 for charity), Quaker cereal, granola bars, and oatmeal for $1 if you bought 5, Minute Maid orange juice $1.99, and 8 Drumsticks $4.99. I had a raincheck for $1.99 turkey, but apparently it fell out of the paper clip in the car - thank goodness that's where it fell. So, I will have to buy that next week.

At Smart & Final today pears were $.50/pound and Danimals yogurt was $1.99. I spent $3.16 and saved $2.85.