Surprising Mom at the Mall

Just about every Wednesday, my 3 year old son and I go to the shopping mall. Sometimes I buy something, but most of the time we go just to walk around and look in the pet store and Disney store. We always end our trip with about 20 minutes of playing in the play area. So, today my son was happily playing with a little girl when another little girl and her brother joined them. Both girls were 5(I heard them tell each other their ages, although one girl had to "one up" the other and be 5 1/2) and her brother was 2. They were all having a great time, minus the brother, when the mom asks the little girl where her brother was - the mom was busy on the phone. The little girl went to the play structure where they had just been playing, and told the mom he wasn't there. The mom said, "What do you mean he isn't there. Where is he?" Well, of course the 5 year old didn't know. So, the mom eventually got up and went to search, slowly, for the little boy. I say slowly, becaue I would have been in a frantic run if it was me; but of course, it wasn't me becasue I knew where my son was at all times, just like she should've. Anyway, she found him in the nearby arcade and thankfully he was o.k. She's very lucky because there was a man in there playing a game at the time. You never know who's around - you have to be so careful and vigilante watching your children. So, of course the mom was mad at the little boy and dropped him on to the play mat and this time she chose to sit at a spot closer to the entrance, rather than at the opposite end.