Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $53.92, which isn't bad, especially since included in that is a $10 pork roast. This time I only had $1.45 in coupons. We also needed 24 mechanical pencils for $5, which is a pretty good price, and my husband was with us, so he also bought athletic tape for $2. At least that's all he bought, usually when he's with us he also buys fishing stuff.

At Vons today, I got some pretty good deals. I spent $13.83, and saved $14.20, which is 51%! Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios were on sale for $1.49 + $1 coupon + 3 -$.55 coupons(2 paper and 1 e-coupon), + one of the $.55 coupons was doubled, Sure for Men was $2.29 + $1.50 coupon(charity), and regular Sure $2.29 + $1 coupon. I also had to buy ice cream cups and cake decorating gel, which weren't on sale, but Walmart doesn't have them. I wanted to buy Sara Lee bread for $1.99, but they didn't have the kind I wanted, whole grain white, so I saw a kid's whole wheat and decided to try that because it didn't look too "grainy." The cashier was not very nice(first time I've run into a rude Vons employee, usually they're super friendly), and she just grabbed the bread and put it under the counter, while telling me it wasn't the right bread. I told her the coupon specified whole wheat, which that was, but she told me the coupon would never work and she was the only cashier and she could get a manger for me, but the coupon would never work no matter what. So, she wrote "rain check" on my coupon and proceeded to finish my transaction. I wanted to know the regular price of the bread, to see if it was worth buying, but she just wouldn't listen and kept telling me she was the only cashier, so I gave up. Good thing that wasn't my first experience with Vons, because otherwise I might not want to go back.

At Ralphs I spent $7.99 and saved $7.20, almost 50%. A container of strawberries was on sale for $.99, eggs for $.99, cauliflower and broccoli for $.99/pound, and Van de Kamps English muffins for $1.00. Thankfully, I encountered a very nice employee here and she showed me how to do the U-Scan(because only one regular line was open and everyone in it was buying a lot of groceries) for my vegetables. She even took my basket to put away for me, and noticed my flier was still inside, and handed it back to me. Now, that was a much better experience.