Friday Savings

O.K., now don't fall over when you read how much I had to spend at Walmart today. I spent $87.77, but there's a few very good reasons. My 3 year old son was sick this week, so he ate all of our "sick food," like soup, saltines, graham crackers, etc., and drank the Pedialyte. So, I had to replace all of that, and Pedialyte is expensive even with a $1.50 coupon, because I always like to have it on hand. He also threw up on the bath mat and I washed it, but it totally fell apart in the washer. So, I had to replace that, which was $10. I also had to buy a few grocery items that I would normally buy at Costco because I didn't have time to go there this week. Then my older son's band performance pants have to be dry cleaned, and it's cheaper to do it at home, but the Bounce dry cleaning sheets, still cost almost $9 for the box. So, all of that added at least $35 to my normal trip.

I didn't go to Vons today because I either didn't need anything that they had on sale, or Walmart's prices beat it.

I did go to Ralphs and spent $12.10 and saved $13.80, more than 50%! Gatorade was on sale for $.79, Hostess twinkies and cupcakes for $1.77, and Lunchables for $1.25. I know you can buy Little Debbies or Mrs. Freshleys sometimes at the Dollar Store, but once in awhile, when there's a good sale of course, I like to get the kids something different, like Hostess.