Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $72.78. I had $6.25 worth of coupons. I also had a $25 gift card that I redeemed with some of my credit card rewards program points. So, I only had to pay $47.78. Not bad! A couple of items that had "rolled back" prices were 1 pound of Great Value noodles for $.88(charity), and their Bakery cookies were only $1.77.

At Vons today, I spent $$25.29 and saved $23.11, which is 48%. Vons can fruit was on sale for $.88(charity), cream cheese $.99, boneless and skinless chicken breasts $1.97/pound, $.99 Fresh Express salad + $.55 coupon + doubled for $.44 making the salad free, Trix and Gogurt for $2 + $.80 ecoupon + $.35 coupon, Dryers for $2.49, Toaster Strudels for $1.88 + 1.00 coupon, and sliced olives for $.99.

At Ralphs today I spent $5.99 and saved $14.16! That was the best deal of the day, but it almost wasn't - I'll explain in a minute. Doritos were on sale for $1.25 and raspberries for $.99. After I checked out, I looked at the receipt and noticed 2 of the Doritos were $3.79 each. So, the cashier and I looked at the ad and it was 4 for $5 and in small print it stated "Limit 4." So, I returned those 2 Doritos for a refund. You really have to read the ads carefully because that small print can get you every time; and always check your receipt to make sure you really received the sale price.