Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $72.37, and had $8.48 in coupons. My best 2 coupons were for free items. From a Kraft Summer Pack, I received a coupon for free lunchmeat, which was $3, and I had a free coupon for Kashi crackers(charity), which was $2.98. I also had a coupon for a free travel size Downy wrinkle releaser, but I couldn't find it.

At Vons today, I spent $10.96 and saved $13.56, which is 55%. Oscar Meyer hot dogs were $.99 + 2 coupons for $1 off 2 hot dogs, Gerber Graduate toddler meals for $1, and Lucerne Novelties ice cream for $2.50. The ice cream was supposed to be $1.49, but I realized the price I paid after I checked out(the savings doesn't always show until you get your receipt), but it was too late to fix it because I needed a coupon to get the extra savings. I had the coupon, but of course it was still inside the flier, not clipped with my other coupons where it should have been! Oh well! I learned my lesson there, to make sure when I'm looking through the fliers to cut out the coupons when I see them, rather than wait until I'm shopping, because I will obviously forget about them.

At Ralphs today, I spent $9.71 and saved $16.19! That was the best deal of the day. Peaches were only $.88/pound and Nabisco crackers were $1.88 + $1 off 2 crackers.