Monday Savings

On Saturday at CVS, I spent $19.39 and saved $21.27! Bumble Bee tuna was $.49(charity), Gold Emblem vegetables were $.49(us and charity), Gold Emblem potato chips were $1, and Crest Pro Health rinse and toothpaste were $2.75. The Crest was supposed to be on sale for $3.50 with $3.50 in Extra Bucks. Lucky for me, they rang up at $2.75. I showed the price difference to the clerk and also asked her for my Extra Bucks because they hadn't printed up. She told me the price was fine, since it was in the computer, and when she printed up my Extra Bucks they came up as $4! She said sometimes the computer rounds up, so I "made" $2.50 on the Crest! I also used Extra Bucks coupons earned last week for $2 and $6, and because I also paid for my son's prescription, I was able to use a $4 coupon off $20. That was a pretty good deal!

At Smart & Final today, I spent $8.66 and saved $6.48. Trix yogurt was on sale for $1.99 + $.75 coupon, red grapes were $.89/pound, asparagus was $1.99/pound and it was the thin asparagus that we like, and navel oranges were $.89/pound. I was going to buy oranges at Albertsons, but they were on sale for $.99/pound. So, when I saw the price here, I bought it here instead. That's why it's good to have some of your prices memorized.

At Albertsons, I spent $5.15, and saved $5.50. Cantaloupe was on sale for $.69/pound, pears for $.99/pound, and Michelina's for $.50 + $1 coupon. Unfortunately 2 of my Michelina's rang up for $1 but it was still a good deal and since my son had a cold and we still had one more place to go, and he already had to go to the bathroom in the store, I decided I would just let it go.