Monday Savings

I did really well at CVS on Saturday! I spent $1.34 and saved $10.58! Dawn was on sale for $.97 + $1 coupon(could only be used for $.97), Van Kamp pork and beans $.50, and Gold Emblem noodles for $.88. I had $4 in Extra Bucks earned last week, so that's why I didn't have to pay much. Next week I won't have such a great deal because I didn't earn any Extra Bucks this week that I can use next week.

Today at Albertsons, I spent $25.83 and saved $26.28 - not bad, about 50%. Minute Maid orange juice was on sale for $1.88, zucchini for $.99(I can't wait until our zucchini grows so I won't have to buy any for awhile), Danimals for $2 + $1 coupon, $.89 for Albertsons kidney beans, and all for $1.75 each if you bought 5 or 10 products: Keebler fudge shoppe cookies, 12 ct. poptarts, nutrigrain and mothers cookies.