Monday Savings

So, it's actually Tuesday savings due to Memorial Day, but here they are anyway. At CVS I spent $10.52 and saved $22.49! This was an exciting deal! I'm sure my kids get tired of hearing me share my savings with them, but this was such a great deal, I had to tell them about it. I'm trying to teach them how to save in the future. So anyway, M&Ms were $1.98 + buy 2, get 1 free coupon, eggs $1.49, Gilette men's body wash $4.00 + $4.00 extra bucks + buy one get one free - so I actually got paid $4 to buy 2 of these, and Blade 5 Razor $6.99 + $6.99 extra bucks. I used $3 in extra bucks coupons earned last week and $4 off $20. Note: make sure you hand the cashier the $4 off $20 first, because if I would have given her my other coupons first, it would have been less than $20 and the coupon wouldn't have worked.

There weren't any good deals for me at Smart & Final this week.

At Albertsons I spent $$11.10 and saved $12.32. Chips Ahoy were on sale for $1.88, Kraft bbq sauce for $.69(charity), Kraft mayo. and miracle whip $1.99, Welches juice $2.19, and bell peppers for $.79. I now only buy bell peppers when they're on sale because even at Walmart, they're normally $1 or more and I think that's too much to pay for a bell pepper. Especially, when my kids pick them out of their food. I bought it this time because the pork chop crockpot recipe I'm making on Wednesday only has onions, tomato sauce, and a couple of other ingredients, so the bell pepper really is needed for flavor.