Monday Savings

At CVS on Saturday I spent $2.83 and saved $13.24! Gold Emblem can vegetables were $.49(charity), Colgate Total $2.77 + $1 coupon + $2 extra bucks, Mitchum Deoderant $2.99 + $.75 coupon + $1.00 CVS coupon + $1 extra bucks(my son says he now has enough deoderant until he moves out since I always buy it when it's on sale since it doesn't expire), and I got a coupon from the CVS email for a free pack of travel wipes. I also had $4 extra bucks from last week to help pay for it.

At Smart and Final today I spent $5.90 and saved $3.42. Asparagus was $1.99/pound(and it's the really thin kind that we like), cantaloupe was $.25/pound(my whole cantaloupe was only $.84!), and ice cream cups for $2.99.

At Albertsons today I spent $16.73 and saved $6.96. The savings is deceiving because I also had to buy toothpaste for my daughter. She likes the Kids Sensodyne Pronamel and we looked at Walmart, CVS and Smart & Final and none of those stores had any. Finally, I found the toothpaste at Albertsons on clearance(we figure the toothpaste is being discontinued - I will look it up online later), so I bought the three that were left. So anyway, sliced olives were on sale for $1.00 and raspberries for $1.99 each container.