Friday Savings

At Walmart today I spent $78.50 and had $1.25 in coupons. Cashews and candy are sure expensive! I buy store brand cashews and buy candy when it's on sale(mostly, unless we run out in between sales), but it's still expensive. If anyone has any ideas on other ways to save money on those items, please let me know.

At Vons today I spent $2.76 and saved $1.22. This week the only item on sale that I needed was broccoli for $.99/pound. I was going to buy eggs for $1.49 for 18 eggs, but you had to buy $10 worth of groceries in order to get the deal. I wasn't going to spend that much more, just for the eggs(especially since CVS also has eggs on sale). I also had to end up buying bananas here because Walmart was totally out! Unfortunately, Vons bananas were $.18/pound more than Walmart, but we needed them.

At Ralphs today, I did great! I spent $15.30 and saved $23.60. If you bought 10 sales items, you received $5 off. Gatorade was $.49(the lowest I've seen it), Dole juice $2.49, Bryers $1.99, and Danino yogurt $1.99 + $1 coupon. There was a store display for Danino yogurt and they gave the kids a great sample. They didn't just give a spoonful of yogurt. They were giving out one whole container and 2 whole squeeze yogurts. I was surprised! They also gave out the $1 coupons. So, that was a great deal - the kids got a free snack, and yogurt for only $.99. Can't beat that!