Friday Savings

At Walmart today, I spent $67.17 and used $3.30 in coupons. I bought more than what was on my list, which I don't usually like to do, but when I see that items I regularly buy are on sale, I'll buy them. Lunchables were on sale for $1.25 and notebooks for $.15. I also found a coupon on the Lloyds bbq pork tub I bought, which was a nice surprise. Dove soap is expensive - it was $6.58 for 6 bars, and luckily I had a $.75 coupon. We have to buy Dove because it's recommended by the dr. for my kids' dry skin.

At Vons I spent $26.98 and saved $20.79, only 44%(I prefer at least 50%). A 12 pack of the store brand soda was $1.88, Little Debbies $1.00, Lucerne sliced cheese $1.29, Ritz $1.88, Barilla pasta $.79(charity), Green Giant vegetables $.69(charity), and Lucerne ice cream cups $.49. By the way, the Barilla spaghetti also says "rigati" on it. Does any one know what that is?

At Ralphs I spent $10.17 and saved $16.97. Whole chickens were $.59/pound, a dozen eggs $.99, VO5 $.69(charity), and Aquafina for free. I won a giveaway at the blog Mom Central and won 6 Aquafina lip balms, and 2 coupons for 2 free 6 packs of Aquafina flavorsplash. Another lady in the store was shopping from the flier too because every time I would be getting a sale item, she would be there too. She said she was following me to make it easier to find the sale items. :)

At CVS today(I went today on the way home from my son's allergy appt. since we were already near there, rather than wasting gas on a special trip another day) I spent $11.56 and saved $4.25. Not as much as I hoped for. Gold Emblem chicken broth was on sale for $.69(us and charity) and Maybelline cosmetics were buy one get one half off. It was a good deal, but cosmetics are so expensive! I was also going to get a great deal on M&Ms but they didn't have them. I could've asked for a rain check, but my coupon expires in 2 days, so it wouldn't be worth it without the coupon.