Friday Savings

I did better this week at Walmart. I spent $58.48 and saved $11.09! That's the most coupons I've been able to use there in awhile. The best deal was I had a coupon for free Suave Professionals shampoo, and it was $1.84. The coupon rang up for $3 and when I pointed it out to the cashier, he said that was what it rang up for, so it's fine.

At Vons today I spent $14.14 and saved $28.44, which is 67%. Another good shopping trip! Lucerne shredded cheese was on sale for $1.50 + $1.50 coupon from Vons in the mail(and lucky for me, both of the cheese packages I bought rang up for free, I thought it would only work on one), mini watermelon for $1.99, Fritos and Cheetoes $1.49, Lucky Charms and Trix for $1.49, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios $1.88 + $.75 and $.60 coupons which were doubled, Lucerne ice cream sandwiches $2.49, and I had coupons for 2 free Kraft Mac & Cheese Explosion which were $1.79 each.

I'm on a roll because at Ralphs I spent $1.24 and saved $10.77, which is 89%! Crest toothpaste was on sale for $1.00 + $.75 coupon which was doubled to equal $1, and Oral B toothbrushes for $1 + $1 coupon off 2. My charity box is filling up!

At CVS I spent $9.50 and saved $3.09. I know it doesn't look that good, but I earned a lot of extra bucks to use next time. Palmolive dish soap was on sale for $.98 + $.25 coupon, Dove soap for $3 + $2 extra bucks, and U by Kotex $4.99 +$4.99 extra bucks.

I wish every Friday Savings could be this great!