Garage Sale

We had a garage sale this morning since we finished cleaining out the kids rooms. We did pretty good at the sale. Most of the people came between 7-8. After that, the flow of customers slowed down. I'm surprised at how rude people can be. Almost everyone wants to negotiate prices, which is fine because I would do that too, but when they don't get the price they want, some people are nasty. Some of them said some pretty angry comments to us or each other as they left without the items. Also, some people took off our price tags - we caught some of them doing this(they would just throw the price tags on the ground or on the table) and then tried to ask for a much lower price for the item, thinking we wouldn't remember the marked price. Like I said, I'm all for negotiating a lower price, but don't be nasty if you don't get the price you want.