Tuesday Savings

This week it's Tuesday savings because my husband was home Monday due to the Fourth of July holiday.

At CVS last Saturday I spent $3.39 and saved $14.88. Mentos were $.50 + buy one get one free coupon, VO5 was $.77 + $1 off 4 coupon, Lady Speed Stick deodorant $3 + $3 extra bucks for next week, and Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush $.89(charity) + $.75 coupon. I also had $3 in extra bucks from last week and $3.50 extra bucks I earned for the last quarter.

At Albertsons today I spent $9.18 and saved $3.05. It's not much because besides my sale items, I also bought ice cream cups for the kids that weren't on sale. Albertsons pasta was $.88(some for us and some for charity), S & W beans $.89, and 2 free bananas from a coupon we got at the fair.

I also wanted to share with you my other great find. At the Dollar Tree they have greeting cards for only $.50! I bought 4 cards for only $2, and one Hallmark card is at least $2-3, so this is a great savings.