Monday Savings

Today at Smart and Final I spent $5.23 and saved $2.01. I had a rain check for sweet onions $.69/pound, cantaloupe was on sale for $.20/pound, and 10 pounds of rice for $3.79. They didn't have too many things on sale that I needed.

At Albertsons today I spent $13.52 and saved $8.17. I had to buy a small milk at regular price, so that's why the lower savings. Starkist tuna was on sale for $.44, Prego pasta sauce $.99(unfortunately the limit was 2), celery for $1, York peppermint patties for $2.99, ice cream cups $2, and Welches juice $2 + $.75 coupon which was doubled due to a doubling coupon from Albertons. Unfortunately, Albertsons doesn't automatically double the coupons like Vons and Ralphs; instead, once in awhile, they'll have doubling coupons. The cashier wondered if we had been on vacation because she hadn't seen us in awhile. Since I've changed our shopping habits, I usually only need to go in the express lane rather than a regular check out aisle, so I don't usually see her anymore.