Monday Savings

I know it's Tuesday, but I thought I should keep my title the same in case any of you look for my regular posts by name. I had to shop today because yesterday I had to take my son to turn in his registration papers for high school, and get his picture taken, receive his textbooks, class schedule, and p.e. clothes.

Today at Albertsons I spent $23.48 and saved $25.44. Not bad, because I even had to buy two items that weren't on sale - a small milk because I can't go to Costco until tomorrow and ice cream cups. VO5 was on sale for $.59(the cheapest I've ever seen it anywhere), Betty Crocker cake mix $.75, Chex Mix $1 + $.55 coupon, Betty Crocker frosting $1.50 + $.75 coupon, Trix yogurt $1.50 + $.75 coupon, toaster strudels $2 + $.50 coupon, and Yoplait Delights $2 + .50 coupon.

The only bad thing was I tried to use that rebate card I used last week at Walmart, and for some reason it wouldn't work at Albertsons.