Monday Savings

At Albertsons today, I spent $11.51 and saved $11.31. Almost the exact same amount! Quaker rice cakes were on sale for $1, Hunts pudding for $.88, and ground turkey for $4.99. I can buy the ground turkey cheaper at Costco, but no one bothered to cross the meat off the freezer list as we used it. You tell a tween or teen to do something, and I guess from now on, I better check to make sure they actually did. :)
At Albertsons, they have a new rewards program, called Cookware Rewards. You earn a sticker for every $10 you spend and eventually you can collect enough to buy a piece of cookware for $.01 + a certain amount of stickers. This promotion last through Jan., so hopefully I'll earn some cookware!

Smart and Final didn't have anything on sale that I needed this week.