Friday Savings

At Walmart today, I only spent $43.68 and I had $1 in coupons. I didn't need too many things today because I tried to plan things for dinner based on what I already had in my cupboard, that I had bought on sale in previous weeks. It doesn't always work out so nice, but it's great when it does. I also had another $1 coupon which didn't get used, but I didn't realize it until it was too late. I usually stand and watch the cash register screen, but Walmart was so busy and there was only 1 cashier with a ton of people in line behind me, and I didn't want to hold them up too much, so I just put my bags in my cart and didn't watch. My mistake - and definitely one I won't make again!

At Vons, I spent $18.52 and saved $24.38, which is 57%! Strawberries were on sale for $1.50, Safeway juice for $2, Breyers for $1.99, and Kraft cheese for $1.69. I couldn't find the juice, so I asked an employee standing nearby and he went in the back and found one for me. See, it never hurts to ask! I also originally had crossed the Breyers off my list because you had to buy 5 in order to get the discounted price, but when I went to Walmart first, I noticed they raised their ice cream prices to $2.38, so I decided it was worth it to buy the 5 Breyers. My son and I eat ice cream every night, so it definitely won't go to waste.

At Ralphs, I spent $5.25 and saved $6.72. Green grapes were on sale for $.69/lb., peaches and nectarines for $.59/lb., and broccoli and cauliflower for $.99/pound. At least here, I looked like I was really a super healthy person, unlike at Vons when I bought the 5 ice creams. :)

Yesterday, Albertsons had a special 8 hour sale. So, after dance class my daughter and I stopped there to buy Albertsons cookies for $1.99 and Hansens juice for $.99. I spent $4.97 and saved $5.