Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $71.87 and used $6.97 in coupons. $20 of this was not groceries. I had to buy new coasters, a dishtub and 9 volt batteries. Batteries are very expensive! The cheapest was 6 batteries for $10.50!

At Vons, I spent $5.91 and saved $8.44, which is 59%. Raspberries were on sale for $1.99, yellow sweet onions $.99/pound, pears $.99/pound, and Lucerne ice cream $2. This shopping trip was an adventure! The onions weren't marked with the sale price and I couldn't find the pears. I couldn't find anyone in produce to help me, so I asked for help at the deli counter. They found the produce guy and he had to double-check my ad(good thing I carry it with me), and find the right onions and pears for me. He said the person that was supposed to change the signs, hadn't changed them yet. So, when I checked out, I made sure the produce rang up at the correct sale price, and luckily, they did. There's a great thing I just noticed on the bottom of my receipt. There's a 10% back-to-school program. You just go to a website, pick your school, enter a code, and the school gets some money! That's great!

At Ralphs, I spent $9.90 and saved $8.87. Kroger lunchmeat was on sale for $1.99, Pepperidge Farm cookies for $1.88, and cauliflower $.99/pound.

At CVS, I spent $6.23 and saved $10.85. Right Guard was on sale for $2.49 = $1.50 coupon + $4 extra bucks($2 for each one I bought) to use next time and Edge shaving gel $2.79 + bogo free coupon + $1.80 extra bucks for next time.

Whew! Lots of shopping today!