Monday Savings

At CVS on Saturday, I spent $26.89 and saved $11.83. Dawn was on sale for $.97 + $.25 coupon(charity), Campbells's tomato and chicken noodle soup $.50(us and charity), eggs $1.50, Glide Floss raincheck for $3.49 +$2.50 + $3 extra bucks, and my son's medication for $15 because I had an online coupon for $5 off. Also, a nice surprise about the raincheck, is one of the extra bucks for the floss was only supposed to be $2.50, but when it's a raincheck, the computer always rounds it up, so it was $3!

At Albertsons today, I spent $13.58 and saved $14.45. Gatorade was on sale for $.79, corn on the cob 5 for $1, and Mission flour tortillas for $1.49. I was going to be Kraft Mayo. for $2.49, but it expires in Nov., and I haven't run out of my mayo. yet, so I'm going to wait to buy it. I'm sure it will be on sale again, when I'm closer to running out. We don't use mayo. too much, we mostly use miracle whip.