Monday Savings

At CVS on Friday, I spent $3.81 and saved $8.08. Gilette deodorant was on sale for $3.99 + $1 extra buck for next week + free Gilette men's body wash. I also had $.99 in extra bucks to use from last week. Nivea body wash was also on sale for $4.99 + $4.99 in extra bucks, but they were out. I didn't bother with a rain check because I already received a free body wash, and didn't really need another, since we already had another one at home.

Today at Smart and Final, I spent $3.48 and saved $3.75. Peaches were on sale for $.50/pound, asparagus $1.99/pound, and broccoli $.69/pound. This was an easy shopping trip because everything was in the same section of the store.

At Albertsons today, I spent $25.24 and saved $28.71. Campbell's cream soups were on sale for $.79, Swanson broth $.59, Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soup for $.69, Goldfish $1, Milano cookies $2 + $1 coupon, rain check for Yoplait Splitz $1.49 + $1 coupon, and a coupon earned last shopping trip for a free 12 pack of soda. I also earned 2 stamps for their cookware program, but because it was close to earning 3 and the clerk knows me, she went ahead and gave me 3 stamps. That was very nice!