Monday Savings

Today at Smart and Final I spent $3.99, and technically didn't save anything. I didn't receive a flier for the store this week, so I wasn't going to go there, but I needed rice. Their rice is always cheaper than anywhere else, so I bought a 10 pound bag of rice for $3.99.

At Fresh and Easy, I spent $3.23, and it doesn't show me what I saved. This store just opened in our area last Wednesday, so I wanted to go check it out. It's a very nice store and the employees are very friendly. Their prices seem to be the same as every one else, except of course, the 2 sales items I bought. I bought red grapes for $.79/pound and tator tots for $1.89. Their sales prices just ring up as the regular price, so that's why I don't really know how much I saved. That's too bad!

At Albertsons, I spent $11.96 and saved $3.87, although that's deceiving again. Their Cloverhill donuts and danish are only $.99, but that's not marked as a sale price. I also bought ice cream cups that weren't on sale because it's 101 degrees right now, and I thought the kids might like a treat after school. So, anyway, Minute Maid orange juice was on sale for $2, and Danimals for $2 + $1 coupon.