Elmers Glue Stick and Tape Runner Review

As part of a new BzzAgent Campaign, I received a very nice kit of scrapbooking tools from Elmers and Xacto. All of these items are sold at Walmart. Since I received several different tools, I decided to tell you about them a few at a time.

The first one is Elmers Glue Stick. I really liked it. It went on clear and worked fine. It was very quick, easy, and mess-free. Here is a page I created using the glue stick - keep in mind I'm behind 6 years on my scrapbooking.

The second one I tried was Elmers tape runner. This is very similar to a sticky tape I used to have. It is definitely less work than the sticky tape because you don't have to deal with the left over paper strips, but it is definitely more sticky. You have to be sure you're putting the picture exactly where you want it, because it's very difficult to re-position. Which is also a good thing because that means it will stay in place when you're finished.

Here's what it looks like on the back of a picture. It goes on clear.

Here is the project I created with it.

Have any of you tried the Elmers glue stick or tape runner? What do you think about them?