TrueCare Alerts - FINALLY!

In a September post, I mentioned that through BzzAgent, I signed up for a trial of TrueCare. Here's a link to that old post:Sept.23 True Care. In that post I said that luckily I hadn't received any alerts yet about my son's internet activity. Well, much to my surprise, on Oct. 15 I received 3 alerts! At first I was alarmed, and I thought what is he doing or what is someone posting about him? So, I quickly opened my email, and saw that the alerts were dated from activity my son did on facebook on 7/01, 7/13, and 8/16! Luckily, it was nothing to worry about.

This is the first alert: ... Scientists have discovered an ancient whale whose bite ripped huge chunks of flesh out of other whales about 12 million years ago and they've named it after the author of ...
... Giant predatory whale named for 'Moby Dick' author - Yahoo! News ... They were concerned about the words "ripped huge, and Dick(from Moby Dick) from a news article he posted.

This is the second alert: .. Pendleton Brush Fire ... They were concerned about the word "fire" from the news article he posted.

This is the third alert:I just got back from registration, and the people at the counseling office screwed up my schedule. When I went to get it fixed, there was a two hour wait. So I left and now I have to wake up at 6 in the morning tomorrow to go to the counseling office so they can fix my schedule. So far, I am not liking El Camino High School. Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can fix this? ... They were concerned about the word "screwed."

I'm glad that the alerts work and they pay attention to key words, but in his case, they were harmless. Lucky for me that they were harmless since it took 2-3 months to receive an alert about them!