Friday Savings

Yesterday, Albertsons had an 8 hour sale. I spent $6.20 and saved $6.40. Their frozen vegetables were on sale for $.79, bananas $.44/pound, and chocolate chip cookies in the bakery(my husband's favorite) $1.99. There were a lot of people at the store taking advantage of the sale. When I got there, I was lucky because the guy was just re-stocking the frozen vegetables.

Today at Walmart, I spent $46.70 and had $4.75 in coupons. I didn't need too much today, because a lot of the other stores have great sales this week, and I also tried to use what I already had at home for dinner this week.

Today at Vons, I spent $13.76 and saved $28.76, which is 68%! I like it when it's more than 50%! 10 pound potatoes were on sale for $.99, Lucerne sliced American cheese $1.29, Crest toothpaste $1.99 + $1 coupon(charity), a coupon mailed to me by Vons for free pasta sauce, broccoli $.77/pound, their orange juice $1.50, honey crisp apples $.99/pound, cream cheese $.99, Sargento sliced cheese $1.99, and Anthony pasta $.88 + $1 coupon(us and charity). I've never tried honey crisp apples before, so I was surprised by how huge they are. We will all have to share one for a snack!

Today at Ralphs, I spent $4.50 and saved $16.01! My husband was with me because it's his off Friday, and even he noticed that savings! Green beans were on sale for $.88/pound, Gatorade $.49, Campbell's cream of chicken/mushroom soup $.49 + $1.50 ecoupon, Swanson broth $.49, fruit cocktail $.49, and Pringles $.99 + coupon for a free one.