Monday Savings

Sorry I haven't posted since last Monday, but we were gone all week to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I also only went to 2 stores yesterday and today; because we were gone, I didn't get the fliers for last week's deals. So, this week's deals won't be so good, sorry.

Yesterday we went to Target where I spent $2.98 and saved $2.78. 3 pounds of red apples were on sale for $1.99, and eggs for $.99. I had to fight for every deal I got. The store coupons weren't ringing up, so the cashier manually entered the one for the apples and put the coupons away. I asked about the coupon for the eggs and he said it rang up, but when he checked it hadn't, so he had to manually enter that too. Then, they were out of their $.99 Lunchables. I asked for a rain check, and he didn't know so he asked 2 other people. One didn't think they would give me a rain check, so she checked with someone else, who finally said they would, after I had to prove myself with the ad, current regular price, and date of the ad. That was a lot of time and work, and the people behind me weren't happy. So, they moved to another aisle, and that was one of the people the cashier asked for help, so they still had to wait. I told them I was sorry.

Today I went to Walmart and spent $63.83 and used $3.25 in coupons. $10 was sweatpants for my son to wear during p.e. since it's getting colder now. I had to buy two different sizes because the sizes didn't seem accurate. Then, whatever one fits, I'll have to buy another one because we always have 2 of every p.e. uniform: 1 to wear at school, and 1 to take home and have washed.