Friday Savings

Today was a fantastic shopping today! I wish every Friday could be as great as today! At Walmart, I spent $25.14 and had a coupon for $.50. This is so low because I only needed to buy 3 things for our dinners this week, because I already have the rest, and we only needed a few extra things for lunch and snacks. We already had almost everything we need! I try to do this every week, but of course it doesn't usually work out; but, when it does work out, it makes my day!

Today at Ralphs, I spent $10.25 and saved $6.03. Deluxe ice cream was on sale 2 for $5, bananas for $.39/pound, Gala apples $.99/pound, and Dole juice $2.50.

The sales items I wanted at Vons, were beat by Stater Bros. sales this week, so I didn't go to Vons today.