Monday Savings

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $9.73 and saved $10.19. Welches grape juice was on sale for $1.99, Hillshire Farms lunchmeat $1.69, and Pasta/rice a roni $.79 + a coupon for a free pasta roni. Minute Maid orange juice was also on sale, but they were out of the pulp free, so I had to get our juice somewhere else. By the way, my 4 year old remembered the scary man from last week, so he asked to hold hands with my 14 year old son(has the week off school). Fortunately, we didn't have any scary encounters this time.

At Albertsons, I spent $11.88 and saved $7.29. I didn't do as well on the savings because my son didn't tell me he was out of toothpaste until last night, so I just had to buy it here(it's much cheaper at Walmart). Country Crock margarine was on sale for $3, and Yoplait 10 for $5 + $1 coupon. If I didn't have the $1 coupon, I wouldn't have bought the yogurt, because Walmart's brand yogurt is always $.40.

I went to the Dollar Tree today for a Valentine's Day card for my husband and a birthday card for my uncle because their cards are always only $.50! I also bought some moon pies for $1 because Walmart's snack cakes have gone up to $1.18.

I went to Fresh and Easy to buy their orange juice for $1.99 - everyday low price, and also bought some fruit jellies and chocolate covered pretzel bits. The last two weren't on sale but only cost $2.99 and $1.99, so they're not bad prices.