Monday Savings

Today I went to Vons, even though I usually only go on Fridays, because they were having a special 3 day sale. I spent $9.30 and saved $14.07, which is 60%. Farmland bacon was on sale for $2.49 + 2 $1 coupons, Yoplait Gogurt $1.77 + $.75(doubled) coupon, and Hostess $1.89.

I didn't go to Stater Bros. like I usually do because the sales prices at Vons beat the sales prices at Stater Bros.

At Albertsons, I spent $3.27 and saved $2.80. Albertsons eggs were on sale for $.99, and Welches juice for $2.29 + $1 coupon. They also had zucchini on sale, but they were all out, so I had to get a rain check. We were going to have zucchini and carrots for our dinner vegetables tonight, but I'm not sure if it will work. I only have 1 zucchini left from last time they were on sale and a bag of carrots. So, I will try and make it work.