Friday Savings

Yesterday at Walgreens, I spent $8.73 and saved $8.26. M&Ms were on sale 2 for $5 +$1 coupon, Colgate toothpaste(give to charity) $2.99 + $2.99 register rewards + .75 coupon, and Walgreens sandwich bags(give to charity) $.99. This time a manager checked me out so I didn't have any trouble.

At CVS, I spent $13.99 and saved $30.23. Betty Crocker brownies were on sale for $.88, Gold Emblem cream soup(give to charity) $.77, Pringles 3 for $4 + $1 coupon, Robin eggs 2 for $3 + $1 coupon, Gold Bond body wash $5.88 + $3 extra bucks + $2 coupon, Right Guard body wash(1 for us & 1 for charity) $3.88 + $3 extra bucks + buy one get one free, and Oral B toothbrushes $2.99 + $.99 extra bucks + $2 coupon. They were out of GUM flossers on sale for $2 + $2 extra bucks, so I had to get a rain check. I also had $8.50 in extra bucks to use from last time. I don't usually have problems at this store, but when I checked my receipt, I noticed I hadn't received the extra bucks for the Oral B toothbrushes. So, I went back up to the cashier and he wanted to see the ad and the toothbrushes, which were of course in the last bag my daughter and I looked in! After he verified everything, he gave me my extra bucks.

Today at Walmart, I spent $68.60 and saved $1. $16 was non-grocery purchases. Unfortunately, Walmart was out/doesn't carry 3 of the items I needed to buy. I thought it was just this Walmart, so I went to another one, but they're out of the same items too. A worker said that since they added the grocery store, they're downsizing in other areas of the store. So, I found one of the items I needed at CVS - Be Kool Migraine patches. I really need these because sometimes when 4 Tylenols don't do anything to help my throbbing headache, these patches are the only thing that works. Do any of you use them too? The other item I needed was plastic canvas, so I'll just have to go buy it at Michaels. The last thing I needed was a personal use item(maxi pads), which I found online at Walmart for free shipping to my home. Unfortunately, they won't come until at least Wed., so while my husband is out golfing, he said he would look for them. That's very kind of him.