Friday Savings

Yesterday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $24.46 and saved $24.87. Russel Stover chocolate eggs were on sale for $.39, Campbells cream of mushroom soup(us & give to charity) $.79 + $.25 coupon, Lofthouse cookies $1.99, Walgreens waxed paper(give to charity) $.89, Ajax and latex gloves(us & give to charity) $.50, Cadbury creme eggs $.50, Goody hair accessories(give to charity) $3 + $3 register rewards, Soft soap(give to charity) $.99, Nasogel spray(give to charity) $4.99 + $4.99 register rewards. I also had $1 register rewards to use from last time.

At CVS, I spent $21.91 and saved $30.06. Gold Emblem spaghetti was on sale for $.88, Nivea body wash(us & charity) $3.88 + $3 coupon, M&Ms $1.97, Whitmans sampler $.99, Skittles egg $.88, and VO5(us & charity) $.77.

Today at Walmart, I spent $82.60 and had $1.75 in coupons. My husband has today off, so he shopped with us, so $27 was not grocery purchases. So, for hosting Easter dinner at my house for 10 people, the grocery trip wasn't so bad. I tried to make things according to what I already have at home. It's always a long check out line at Walmart on Friday mornings, but today was the worst I've seen. They only had one line open for people with more than 20 items! There were at least 10 people in line! The customer in front of me noticed some employees having a meeting at the other end of the store, so he walked over there and told them about all the people in line. Well, the meeting was full of managers, so pretty soon, 4 more lanes opened up! Then, our lane didn't have any plastic bags, so my husband went to the next lane and grabbed some and gave them to our cashier. Our lane also had the place where you swipe your card, taped over, so the cashier had to process it. What a miserable adventure!

At Vons, I spent $6.24 and saved $6.75, which is 52%. Milano cookies were on sale for $1.99, and oranges $.88/pound. This trip was quick and easy.

At Ralphs, I spent $13.64 and saved $22.44. 16 oz. strawberries were on sale for $.88, General Mills cereal 4 for $12 + $5 Ralphs gift card + $1 coupon + 2 - $.75 ecoupons, and Oral-B toothbrushes $1. This shopping trip was also a big pain. I went through the self-checkout and the sign says tell your cashier you bought the items needed for the $5 giftcard. So, after I handed her my coupons, I asked her about the giftcard. She told me I should've asked before I did anything, and since I didn't, she needed to see my boxes of cereal to make sure I bought the right sizes. Well, my husband took the bags and he and my son were somewhere else in the store. I finally found him, and showed her the boxes, but the giftcard wouldn't scan. She called for a manager, who again needed to see the boxes, and again my husband and son weren't around. So, we showed her the boxes again and got the $5 giftcard, but found out the cereal I bought wasn't eligible for the 4 for $12. She took us to the cereal aisle, showed us the 4 cereals that were eligible(which most were on the bottom shelf), and ended up having to refund us the cereals we bought and purchase the eligible cereals. We ended up getting $5.16 back. I have never had trying to earn a promotion, be so hard - even the cashier agreed this one wasn't too user friendly.

What a horrible shopping day experience! Oh well, it's Friday and Sunday's coming, so there's a lot to look forward too. Jesus is alive!