Monday Savings

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $14.22 and saved $14.29, just about 50% exactly! Green beans were on sale for $.75/pound, Betty Crocker muffin mix $1.99, Miracle Whip $2.49 + $.75 coupon, Chips Ahoy cookies $1.99, Wheat Thins $1.49, and Cool whip $.75.

I haven't gone to Smart and Final in awhile because I stopped receiving their circulars for some reason. So I usually only go there when I need rice, because they're the cheapest(or they were until their price went up), and I just check the circular online. I spent $10.50 and saved $2.43. Anthony's Pasta(1 for us & 1 give to charity) was on sale for $.99, Dole juice $1.99, and oranges $.25/pound. Their 10 pound bag of rice was $4.19 and I noticed their 25 pound bag of rice was well over $9. Costco sells a 25 pound bag of rice for $8 something, so I will just buy that instead from now on.

At Albertsons, I spent $19.99 and saved $25.02. At first, my preferred card didn't go through, so when I saw the total, I told the cashier, that I don't think my card went through, and sure enough, it hadn't. The total was much better after that, and it was kind of fun to watch all the savings come off all at once rather than one by one. Anyway, Dole pineapple chunks were on sale for $.79 + $.50 coupon, Albertsons can vegetables(1 for us& 2 to give to charity) $.49, and Wheat Thins $1.79. My 14 year old son needed toothpaste and forgot to tell me before my Friday Walmart trip, so luckily it was on sale at Albertsons. I also bought some Easter candy on sale.

I wish more places had more Easter candy on sale. Last year, I bought tons of 50-75% off Easter candy, but this year so far, I haven't found very much on sale. What about you, did any of you find any good after Easter candy sales?