Friday Savings

Yesterday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $6.66 and saved $9.97. Puffs(give to charity) were on sale for $.99, Butterball broth $.50(1 for us & 1 give to charity), GUM flossers(give to charity) $2 + $2 register rewards to use next time and Right Guard deodorant $2.99 + $2 register rewards. I also had $3 in register rewards to use from last time. I found out that they don't give rain checks on their register rewards. They've given me one before, and I had it with me to prove it(because the item isn't in stock yet), but the manager said it was given in error.

At CVS, I spent $.85 and saved $14.31. Colgate Max toothpaste(give to charity) was on sale for $2.77 + $2.77 extra bucks + $.75 coupon, Dawn(give to charity) $.99 + $.50 coupon + $.25 coupon, and Earth Essentials toilet paper(give to charity) $.50. I also had $7.99 in extra bucks to use from last time.

Today at Walmart, I spent $57.14 and had $4.57 in coupons. $25 was not for groceries - it was for lotion and underwear for my son, a couple of toys to keep my son busy at this weekend's dance competition, and a few 75% off Easter items. I got a PAAS coloring kit for next year for only $.25! Hopefully I'll be able to find where I put it next Easter when I'm looking for it. :)

At Vons, I spent $13.42 and saved $6.89, which is only 35%. Refreshe soda was on sale for $1.88, and navel oranges $.57/pound. I also had to buy decorating gel for my 15 year old's birthday cake, which was $2.49 each! Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative? I couldn't believe how much a tiny tube of decorating gel was! Anyway, it was quite an adventure to buy the oranges. One orange rang up on sale and the other didn't, so I said I would just take the one. So, the bagger went to find out why the other one cost more and on our way out the door, I saw her talking to the manager, so I stopped. He said the non-sale orange was left over from the last shipment, so he would give it to me at $.57/pound. The bagger put the orange back, and I said wasn't that the orange I'm going to buy, and she said no, I left yours with the cashier. So, we head back to the cashier, and 2 other people in line heard the story, and let me go ahead of them. Well, of course, the cashier didn't have the orange, it was indeed the one the bagger had put back. So, she headed off to retrieve it, and I told her just never mind - I don't need one orange that bad!