Friday Savings

Yesterday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $8.64 and saved $10.91. Colgate Total toothpaste was on sale 2 for $4 + $4 register rewards for next time + $1 coupon, Real Soft toilet paper 4 rolls $1.29, and Kleenex $.89. I also had $4 in register rewards to use from last time. Everything I bought, I will give to charity. By the way, I collected enough things to bring 9 bags of groceries to my charity this week! I have so much fun doing that!

At CVS, I spent $1.13 and saved $16.31. Kelloggs cereal was on sale for $1.97 + $1 coupon, VO5 $.77, and Carefree pantyliners $.99 + $.99 coupon. I also had $5.54 in extra bucks to use from last time. I will also give everything I bought here to charity.

Today at Walmart, I spent $81.69 and had $5.58 in coupons. $14 of this was not food groceries. We needed toothpaste and they had a great clearance sale on clothes for my 4 year old - pants and t shirts were only $1! I was able to find him 3 pants and 2 shirts. Even an older gentleman looking through the clothes told me you can't beat $1! Pork chops are expensive! I bought some thin center cut today for $13.62. Granted it's enough for 4 meals for us, so when you spread the cost over 4 dinners, it's really not bad, but it sure seems like a lot when you pay for it.

At Vons, I spent $13.10 and saved $14.37, which is 52%. Lays chips were on sale for $1.99, Fuji and granny smith apples $.77/pound, and Lucerne whipped cream buy one get one free.

At Ralphs, I spent $14.50 and saved $23.98. Minute Maid orange juice was on sale for $1.99, Quaker rice cakes $.99 + $2 Ralphs coupon, and Deluxe ice cream 2 for $5 + $.40 Ralphs coupon.