Friday Savings

Yesterday at CVS, I spent $10.13 and saved $22.29. Trident Vitality was on sale for $.99 + $.99 extra bucks, Pringles 3 for $4 + $1 coupon, Revlon nail polish $4.99 + $4 extra bucks + $1 coupon, Softsoap bodywash(1 for me and 1 give away to charity) 2 for $6 + $5 extra bucks, and I had a rain check for Bic Soleil shaver(I will give to charity) $6.99 + 3 extra bucks + $3 coupon. I also had $6 in extra bucks to use from last week's purchases and $3 extra bucks, which they emailed to me because it was my birthday on the 22nd.

At Walgreens, I spent $20.03 and saved $28.02. Lays Stax were on sale for $.99, Kraft mac & cheese(2 for us, 1 for charity) $.69, Gummy coca cola(my favorite) buy one get one free, Ajax(give away to charity) buy one get one free, Walgreens aluminum foil(give away to charity) $.69, Carefree pantiliners $.99, Pure Silk shaving cream(give to charity) $1.99 + $1.50 register rewards, General Mills Cereal $1.99 + $1 coupon + $.55 coupon, Scuncci hair elastics $2 + $2 register rewards, and Tone body wash $3.99 + $3 register rewards. I also had $4 in register rewards to use from 2 weeks ago. Since I had 2 coupons for the cereal, they had to ring up one box of cereal in a different transaction in order for the coupons to both work. I've never had that happen before!

Today at Walmart, I spent $41.48 and had $1.25 in coupons. I didn't have to buy too many things this time - just some food items we go through every week, and a few things for our dinners.

At Vons, I spent $21.26 and saved $24.58, which is 55%. Coke and Dr. Pepper were buy 2 get 3 free, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs were $.99 + $1 coupon. I also had to buy mini chocolate chips for my homemade muffins(Walmart was out).