Monday Savings

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $12.31 and saved $8.56. All of the following items were on sale for $.75: Hunts ketchup, Van Camps pork & beans, Stater Bros. soup, Stater Bros. long grain rice, and Stater Bros. beans. I gave at least one of each of these away to charity. Also, asparagus was on sale for $1.99/pound. I almost didn't buy the asparagus even though I needed it for dinner tonight because all they had out was the really thick asparagus, and we only like the thin ones. Luckily, the produce guy was nearby and noticed me debating over whether to buy the thick asparagus or not, and he said he had a new box of asparagus and he thought it had thin ones in it. He opened it for me, and lucky for me it did have thin ones. That was very kind of him!

At Albertsons, I spent $10.38 and saved $12.65, which is 55%. Kraft bbq sauce was on sale for $.69, Cheetos & Freetos 2 for $3 and Danimals $2.00. My Albertsons has a new check out computer system that I really like. It shows the amount of savings on the screen as the cashier scans an item, which is great for someone like me who knows exactly what that savings should be. Now I can just watch the screen and say something right away if the savings doesn't show up, rather than having to wait and check my receipt. The receipt is changed too - it shows the regular item price, the price off using your preferred card, and the coupons. This is great for me, because that's exactly how I enter it when I scan it for Nielsen! Did any of your Albertsons change their systems too?